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This command can be used to throw various things at people, mostly some
kind of throwing weapons though. You'll get the best efficiency by throwing
weapons designed for throw, like spears, javelins, throwing daggers,
throwing hammers etc. Throwing a regular sword might not be the best way to
use it. You can also 'aim' at some specific bodypart if you wish, but
actually hitting it even if you are aiming at it requires some skill and
luck. You may also aim at 'stun points' to try to stun your opponents or at
'critical areas' for a little higher damage. Knowledge in skill 'vital
points' allows you to make throws that cause critical damage, knowledge in
skill 'shocking throw' helps in stunning and skill 'piercing hurl' allows
you to create lots of wounds while throwing. Different combat styles also
affect your throwing somewhat. Also poisoning your weapons might not be
such a bad idea at all.

Usage: throw <item> [at <target>]
       throw from bandolier [at <target>]