Tool of elemental justice

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Intelligence, Wisdom and Channel elemental energy help in casting this spell.

Affiliated stats:

      Primary: wisdom
    Secondary: strength
     Tertiary: constitution

This spell of all elements turns one or more weapons into tools of justice that a templar can use to get his point through better. The spell will also work on ranged weapons, which will have an impact on the ammunition shot with the weapon.

This particular spell converts physical, fire, cold and lightning damage types of the weapon into only one elemental type, depending on the active element of the spell. For example, when drawing power from the element of fire, a certain portion of physical, cold and lightning damage is replaced with fire. You can command the damage type of every elemental tool cast by yourself by using the ' change ' command in your templar guild item. How much of the damage is converted depends on the caster's ability in this spell and in the focus skill of the element used.

Hint: this spell can be targeted at a weapon on the ground or on your person, or at a weapon held by someone. When cast at a living thing, it will turn all of the weapons held by the person or creature into said tools. Without targets it defaults to the caster. For example:

      cast tool of elemental justice at Wamba's dagger
      or: cast tool of elemental justice at Wamba
      or: cast tool of elemental justice at dagger
The spell can be cast at multiple targets at once by separating the targets with the word 'AND', typed in capital letters.