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Help topics for players:
address              adjectives           administrative guidelines
administrative procedure adv hints            armour              
armour types         atherton             backgrounds         
bank hints           behaviour            blessing            
board                boats                bounties            
bows                 calendar             cantrips            
cenedoiss            channel rules        channels            
city defending       combat               combat points       
combat styles        commands             commands compared   
commands long        creation             death               
death commands       death short          divine favor        
element costs        elements             emergency quit      
eqdamage             experience           faq                 
flight mounts        flying               fsi                 
glow                 graemor              guild hints         
guilds               help screen          hours               
houses               icesus is icesus     joining             
language policy      living               machine             
magic                mahrack              mahrakc             
materials            money                motd                
mount feats          multiplaying         mutations           
name policy          name policy short    newbie              
newbie areas         newbie hints         object handling     
physics              player killing       player killing events
player rights        player towers        points              
poker                privacy              profession levels   
prompt               provinces            racial guilds       
ranged weapons       reimburse            reincarnation       
reporting            reporting procedures reputation          
reputation adjectives riding               riding long         
robots               rules                sales               
secondary characters settings             shards              
sharing information  special stats        starting            
stats                surnames             talents             
tempfile             traps                treasure            
triggers             utilities            vaerlon             
warehouse hints      weapon types         weapons             
whining              who to ask           wizzing             
world                world history        www                 

Use 'help <topic>' to view the helpfile.