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The trap command lets you set and remove traps in your environment,
preferably in outdoor locations. There are many kinds of traps, do 'trap
list' to see the traps available to you and read 'help traps' for an
indepth look at available traps in Icesus. Note that disarming any trap can
be dangerous if the trapper is superior in skill compared to you. Even
disarming your own traps can be dangerous if you do not know what you are
doing. Once you disarm the trap anything that was in the trap is freed.
Remember to set your traps to faraway locations so that they won't be
robbed or be set off by wandering adventurers. Setting traps around Vaerlon
and other cities is especially a bad idea. You also have the option of
ambushing a monster in the same room as your trap, this is most useful with
offensive traps but you are able to do it with hunting traps too.
 Usage: 'trap <set/disarm> <type of trap>'
      'trap ambush <monster>'
      'trap <list/locations/records/masteries>'
 Examples: trap set snare trap
           trap disarm iron trap
           trap ambush reindeer
           trap locations
           trap list
           trap records
The checking of the traps is done by 'trap check' at the location of the
trap, and if an animal has been caught and it has died/rotten/fled whatever
before you can get to the area, you STILL get the exp, so don't panic.