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Treasures are special type of loot that may drop from monsters you kill.

Most of the treasure items are personal drops and they will automatically
appear to your inventory. In a party each player has a personal chance of 
gaining loot from each monster killed. The party leader receives a small 
bonus to his loot chance based on the party size. Only miscellanous loot 
will be in the corpse of the killed monster and must be looted normally 
like any other item. All of treasure items work with 'treasure' item 
handle. All relics also understand 'relic' item handle.

There are several factors that affect the chance of you gaining a drop.
Pitiful monsters will not drop any of these treasures. Monster's level
is the main factor affecting the chance, bigger monsters have higher
chance of dropping treasure. It scales so that lower level monsters get 
smaller multiplier to their level than higher level monsters. Worthy
monsters and especially prestigious monsters get an additional bonus
and multiplier to the drop chance.

There are also several ways of improving your treasure finding such as
karma, charms, racial abilities etc.

Some treasures can only drop from certain type of creatures. Good example
is treasure maps that may only drop from humanoid monsters. These monster
type limitations are generally applied only to 'miscellaneous treasures',
which is why they are categorized differently from other loot.

Loot system also has a 'guaranteed loot' feature. Each monster you kill
gets it level tallied up with a certain multiplier into your treasure
counter. When this counter hits certain limit you will get a guaranteed
loot from next monster you kill. It cannot be any of the miscellaneous
treasures. If you get a good loot drop before this counter hits the limit
the counter will reset. Good loot drops are special shards, all boons and

Loot types
For more information about them see 'help shards'.

For more information about them see 'help racial guilds'.

For more information about them see 'help charm'.

Miscellanous treasure:
Currently there are three different kind of miscellanous treasure. Treasure 
maps, holy symbols of air and lost relics. Treasure maps are items that will 
lead you to hidden treasures that you need to dig up. Holy symbols of air are
items that air priests can use with touch of god skill to give themselves or 
someone else permanent divine favors (see: 'help divine favor'). Relics are 
items that someone has lost and you might want to return back to them. Doing 
so is a benevolent act and you will earn karma and possibly reputation for 
doing so.

Loot boxes:
Loot boxes aren't really treasure in same sense as other loot drops. They
can only drop from prestigious monsters. Each prestigious monster has a 
fixed chance of dropping one when they are killed. Nothing affects this 
chance. These boxes contain various items.