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1. whimper, whine -- (a complaint uttered in a plaintive whining way)

Needless to say, admins, arches and wizards do not like whining, or whiners. Whining is probably the single best way to remove yourself from the good graces of the makers of the game, and continuous whining will ensure that no-one will take any of your suggestions into consideration, even if they are good.

Instead of whining, you could try out the novel approach of actually giving good reasons why your idea/request should be heard and carried out. An even better idea is to first consider your proposal/request thoroughly before voicing it. It is highly unlikely that the wizards will "remove the 'can not see in light' thingy from trolls 'cause I cant make enough exp and darkness torches cost too much!!".

On the other hand, if you say "relax the 'can not see in light thingy from trolls because it is far too strict - I was deep in a cave and I could not see because it was too bright! Is the cave bugging or are trolls really this blind?" might be actually heard and investigated.