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Who to ask?

 Admins of Icesus have many responsibilities. To clarify things,
 and to ease the amount of work the Admins have to do, this document
 has been written. If you have a specific question, or it is somehow
 too doubtful to use the normal ways of reporting, you need to know who
 to contact in that matter.

 If your question has something to do with an area, monster, NPC, item
 or something similar, you should use the 'creator' command and contact 
 the person who has created it. If the coder hasn't been around, or isn't
 active, you need to contact an admin. Please read 'help reporting'

 Currently active coders and their responsibilities:

        - Code and Mudlib in general
        - New moons
        - Jää organization membership  
        - Reimburses and related
        - New wizards, wizzing
        - New reincarnation procedure
        - Lifted experience cap and related
        - Ice-Dev teaching
        - Code and Mudlib in general
        - Sorcerers and Coven and things related to them
        - Some Ice-Dev teaching 

 Do NOT contact other wizards except if there is a REAL emergency.
 Preferably solution is to send mudmail or use 'wizcall', you can easily monitor
 when your mail has been read.

 And finally, we do have our own activities as well, we do not
 currently have 24h/day Icesus helpdesk to advise you, so if you do not
 get answer immediately or the wizard is idling, send mail.

 Bothering the others does not do any good except irritate the wiz in
 question in 90% of the cases.

 See also: 'help reporting', 'help creator' and 'help wizcall'

 If your particular question is not covered by the list above, it is generally
 best to contact Fimvar.