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The survivors of the frozen wastes

The Wilders of Aegic are the descendants of the the people caught out in the wastes when Aegic froze. They have survived for generations by living off the icecrawlers which in turn have fed from the frozen herds. Recently the tribes and crawlers have been dying off as the food is exhausted. A few lucky tribes have followed the ice crawlers that blundered into Icesus.

The wilders do not have a home in the valley, no kingdom is willing to share its territory, so they continue their nomadic life in the slightly warmer and more bountiful valley. They have no guild, but simply train from one another wherever they might be.

Wilders are known to be brutal fighters for whom survival of the tribe is the only goal. When axe wielding wilders storm into battle, naked save for the bloody designs painted on their flesh it is only the distant observer that can tell the tale of the horror.

The Wilders of Aegic can be found outside the southern citygates of Vaerlon.