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Becoming a Wizard

       Icesus gladly accepts new coders to help build and maintain
our world. From our wizards, we expect dedication to their task and
an ability to create and design original features, areas or guilds
to add to the game. Remember, though, that Icesus has its own history
and setting, which all areas must adhere to. Previous coding experience
is helpful, but we can teach you if needed. The most important thing is
to have ideas, preferably original ideas. Also, if you want to be a builder
(ie make areas, monsters and so on), you MUST have a GOOD knowledge of
the english language and an ability to write good and clear descriptions.
Bad or inadequate grammar is *NOT* acceptable for builders.

        Since Icesus has its own history and setting, and the world
contains many features not found elsewhere, potential builders
should play the game for a while to familiarize themselves with it
before applying for wizardhood. We require that you play until
your character is at least at level 25 before before sending us an
application. (Note, under special circumstances it is possible to become
a wizard before reach level 25, mainly if you will concentrate your work
on the mudlib or special projects).

    To become a wizard, you need to find a wizard who is willing to sponsor
you. He will take your case into the due process and guide you on how to 
take the necessary steps. All wizards have the right to establish certain 
preconditions on their prospect students, based on their personal preferences, 
which you have to meet, before agreeing on sponsoring you. If these pre-
conditions don't suit you, you need to find another wizard to sponsor you.

    Remember to join channel 'coding' and participate in discussions there
as good PR will likely help your case a great deal.
                                                --Icesus Administration