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        Think armour as the basic life insurance. Even leather can give 
        enough protection to save your life in combat. So in this help 
        file we take a closer look what could make you live longer.


        Slots are body locations where you can wear armour. For example,
        you probably have a head which can be covered with a helmet.
        Type 'slots' to see what kind of slots you have. The 'slots' command
        also tells you what slots are already protected by a piece of armour,
        and how well. You can manage your armour by using the 'eq', 'wear'
        and 'remove' commands.

        It is very important to protect the most vulnerable parts of your body.
        For example, a human should protect his head, neck, torso and legs,
        protecting arms isn't a bad idea at all. You have probably noticed
        that in combat the hits always hit you in certain location, and
        if the location does not have any armour it's going to hurt you badly!
        It doesn't matter how well your torso is protected if someone whacks
        your head into bloody mush.


        Armour comes in different sizes. You can wear the same armour your
        race usually wears, plus about +-30% of your own size. To get your
        armour resized, consult the local smith.

  Types, Material etc.

        To get list of the available armour types, see 'help armour types'
        and to get a list of the available materials take a look at
        'help materials'.
        Wearing armour hinders your mobility and effectiveness in combat,
        light armour only a bit, but heavy armour restricts your movement a lot.
        In effect this means that you will hit harder when wearing nothing
        but your underwear (or perhaps a suit of leather armour) than
        while being clad in in full plate.

         'help glow'

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