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The ruthless kingdom of Bandits is statistically one of the most successful kingdoms because they respect no rules of engagement and will cut all corners in achieving their goals. Their power is built around the ability to hide and rob other units of food, leaving them stranded, and then extort and blackmail them to acquire their resources. They are weak in a straight fight, however they have valuable advantages in speed and stealth. Playing the bandits will require coordination and planning, so it is not a good kingdom for a beginner. The bandits have special 'raider' units which are able to travel twice as fast as the regular unit with same commander, so e.g. in a normal unit a sergeant would move in 128 ticks, whereas the same sergeant in a bandit raider unit would be able to move in 64 ticks. The bandits have tuned their weapons for the specific purpose of killing the staff of the unit but without damaging the unit itself too much - thus all bandit weapons cause three times more staff damage than those of any other kingdom. This kingdom is of evil alignment. The bandit units consist mostly of humans, but can include other races too.