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The landmass of planet Aegic has been divided into more than one hundred provinces. A province is an administrative division within a kingdom. While some provinces are created by colonial powers, others were formed around local groups with their own ethnic identities. While some kingdoms may bear the name of some specific location, their sphere of influence is not locked to that specific location. Each province can be independent, or belong to one of the kingdoms. The purpose of this page is to describe all kingdoms.

If you own a province, you can choose whether to stay independent or pledge allegiance to some specific kingdom. If you don't own a province, you don't benefit from kingdoms or choosing allegiance directly, but it may affect into which 'circles' you are accepted if you choose to enter provinces play. Recommendation is to own at least one province before selecting allegiance to any specific kingdom. If you decide to stay independent - meaning no allegiance to any kingdom, you will have only trade caravans available for your province and no economical boons nor banes.

Only if you pledge allegiance to a kingdom will you be able to get military units, including the advantages and disadvantages of that specific kingdom. All provinces of a regent must pledge allegiance to the same kingdom, so you cant have provinces with mixed kingdoms. If you choose your allegiance, changing it afterwards will be ridiculously expensive (100,000,000 silver) so consider carefully before making your decision over the kingdom and think of this decision as final. The allegiance will persist over reinc, so even reinc will not set you free from your selected allegiance.

Use command 'allegiance' to select your character's allegiance. You can select it also if you don't have a province, but you will just not gain any benefits from it though. The regent of a province cannot be changed without a wizard, and wizard doesn't change it lightly. Your secondary char, if you have one, must have the same kingdom than your primary character. So one player can have two allegiances via his/her secondary character, but those decisions are pretty much final, and regency cannot be changed back and forth.


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