Mantis (kingdom)

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The Mantis Hive, aka the Mantis kingdom, is the largest body of governance mainly for thri-kreen and other insectoid races. The mantis kingdom lacks any signs of individuality as the nature of insectoid life is to form into swarms of highly cohesive, single-minded entities. They like warmth, so the warmer the province, the higher the servant cap. They cannot habitate arctic provinces at all. Their scientists are currently designing a unit which can permanently warm provinces to support them better, but this unit has not yet become available. As the thri-kreen society is highly effective, they are able to cannibalize and therefore recycle units in their province bays, back into the resources they were made of, which can then be re-used in constructing an another unit. However, this recycling process is not 100% effective so some losses are expected. Palisades of the Mantis kingdom are different - they use certain kind of spider webs. When an enemy unit drives into this web, it will not get damage but it will lose some of its food. This kingdom is of neutral alignment. Units of the Mantis kingdom consist mostly of thri-kreen.