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This kingdom of dwarves is a people with a glorious past, for in the War they were stalwart guardians of Valkor. As time moved their people held onto the ground for which they had shed tears of blood and now the land and the endurance of rock itself is theirs to command. The dwarven fighting force is notorious of the ultimate craftsmanship of their weapons and of warriors who are able to wield them masterfully. In addition, they are capable of entering a powerful berserker state, in which they will harm every other military unit in the same room with them. However, as a conclusion to this mindless rampage the unit will commit mass suicide. All Khazakul military units strike double damage with their weapons (but not ranged weapons) and their heroes are very powerful, second only to heroes of the Stormlord. This kingdom is of good alignment. The armies of Khazakul consists of units which are driven mostly by the dwarves.