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The kingdom name 'Tyranus' comes from the word 'eye tyrant' which is a common word used to describe ancient, evil orbs. This is an evil kingdom built on shoulders of huge masses of slaves from various races, which are controlled by their orb overlords. Being highly xenophobic, their purpose is to find and enslave every lifeform they happen to encounter. They are like a disease which is capable of spreading widely and their slave-driven military units are feared throughout known realms. They are considered a more challenging kingdom to play, as the planning required can be daunting and time consuming, but the rewards are ample, as they offer unparallel mobility and once established the Tyranus presence is extremely tenacious and difficult to eradicate. In the Tyranus kingdom, servants are not servants, but slaves. Some of their units are specifically tailored for detection of new life, and they are capable of rifting vast distances in order to find new sources of slaves. When their life detection units detect new sources of slaves, their slave-carrying units will soon follow, and start enslaving natives of the province into new slaves. Eventually, all non-Tyranus natives of the province have been converted into slaves and the damage is irreversible - they cannot be converted back. If a damaged Tyranus unit returns to a bay, they will automatically repair themselves at the rate of 10% damage repaired per each rule at no cost as the slaves are simply replenished. This kingdom is of evil alignment. The Tyranus units consist of slaves which can be from various different races.