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The Czardom of Graemor is the seat of power of the capricious dark elves. They are specialized in dark magic and have some of the biggest and baddest legions available. Their dark powers give all graemorian units the ability to detect other units from double or even triple distance compared to normal units. These same powers wielded by Graemorian warlocks allow them to rift over huge distances. A lot of fools try to be seen as heroes in eyes of the dark elf government, so there are a LOT of heroes available. Because of this all Graemorian heroes come free of gold cost - although they will cost the remaining resources 'as usual'. This kingdom is of evil alignment. Units of Czardom of Graemor consist mostly of dark elves.

City of Graemor

The city of Graemor (Graemor in short) is a huge town in the northeast part of the known world. The nearby land area is populated by 'evil' people, undead and all sorts of dangerous wildlife.

Graemor is built inside a huge underground cave, that is split half by a frozen river. The only way in is to travel with the river. The town is actually located in many adjacent caves, the rich part is apart from the poor part and so on.

The town is run by dark elves, but also populated by many other races:

The main religion is Earth, it is worshipped mainly because it gives raw power. The caves were pretty much created by earth priests too, so they have considerable influence in Graemor. The earth is a twisted religion, the further it goes, the more corrupted the priests are. Some might even call the earth priests necromancers.

Recently rulership over the kingdom of Graemor was taken by a small group led by Kezrhgdel, a cunning young dark elf leader backed up by the priesthood of Dhubr, powerful dark elf sorcerers and the shadowdancers, who helped to seize the palace. After a short period of political and military turmoil almost all members of the ruling body had been either killed or exiled out of the Graemor and replaced by people favorable to the visions of Kezrhgdel. Quickly after the peace was restored in to the city and it's surrounding areas and Kezrhgdel announced his reign over the realm and proclaimed himself as Czar Kezrhgdel, the first absolute ruler of the Czardom of Graemor. The Graemor, now ruled by the czar and 'the family', group of barons who are close advisors of the czar, has started to expand its realm and build new roads, bridges and cities.

The main muscle of the city comes from undead armies, but the ferocious troll fighters are also a major influence, not to forget shadowperson shadowdancers and so on. The city is well guarded and organized, but a very ruthless place. Basically nobody's safe.

Graemor is the capital of the Czardom of Graemor.