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The kingdom of Stormlord the All-Father refers to a legendary god-hero of firbolgs who watches over the valley from the northern wall of mountains. The mere name of this god-hero units the otherwise nomadic and wandering tribes of firbolgs into a powerful kingdom of giant-kin, in which tall people are not mocked upon. Many of the Stormlords are nomadic hunters and therefore they are a surprisingly sneaky kingdom with extremely powerful ground troops and heroes. Sometimes the Stormlords use their size to threaten both natives and servants of a province into obedience. However, in relation to other kingdoms, their numbers are not that strong, so they have relatively weak military units. The Stormlord army works by hunter-like sneak attacks, and only engages in direct combat when it is unavoidable and victory is assured. This kingdom is of neutral alignment. The armies of Stormlord the All-Father consists of units which are driven mostly by the firbolg.