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A keen spirit sets his mind in motion to understand the fate of all realms according to Chto.

This is Aegic, the world of Icesus. Icesus is the last place on Aegic where life can remain. Aegic used to have two moons.

This is Aythzilla. Its the nearest moon to Aegic. Aythzilla is known to have a close elemental affinity to Earth.

The second moon is Lhundaer. Lhundaer is related to elemental Air. Then we found out there were more.

Infernus. According to its name it is related to elemental Fire.

Aqueous, which is related to elemental Water.

Sorcerus, the moon of elemental Magic.

And the far-away Chto. We are still unsure of Chto's influence. It emanates 'negative void' which may affect negatively on all spellcasting.

Each moon affects spellcasting on Icesus only if it is above horizon. The combination of moons above horizon creates a 'magic weather'.

The moon cycles vary according to their distance from Aegic. The full cycle of Aythzilla is 23 days. The full cycle of Lhundaer is 30 days. The full cycle of Infernus is 83 days. The full cycle of Aqueous is 119 days. The full cycle of Sorcerus, being very far from Aegic is 179 days. As Sorcerus has a positive influence on all Magic, this will be good time for casters. Finally, Chto, which is very, very far. Chto's cycle is 646 days, which is extremely long. Chto affects magic negatively. As it stays above the horizon for an extremely long period, its rise signals the proverbial "winter is coming" for spellcasters.

There is still one factor, but we have to zoom out to see it. The Sun.

The Sun enables life and affects weather in a very profound way.

The magic weather changes with daytime too. Nighttime increases influence of Magic. It also increases influence of Water. Remember: Every element has its anti-element. If Water is powerful at night, Fire will lose an equal amount of power.

Not only the Sun and moons affect current magic weather, but also current weather. It is easy to understand how rain makes element Water more powerful whereas clear skies make element Air and Fire more powerful.

So, here we are again. Trying to understand a big system.

Lets go through it again, but in more common 'layman' terms. Magic weather affects all spellcasting. Its a complex but not random system. Which means you can learn it and use its conditions to your advantage. Just understand and observe the factors that create it and you may become adept in forecasting it. Rule 1: It changes with weather. Rule 2: It changes with daytime. So there's a daily and semi-daily cycle for Fire, Water, Magic and Anti-magic.

If Chto is above horizon, psionicists are not affected by it. As Aythzilla is above horizon, it augments elemental Earth. Its full cycle is 23 days during which there is a peak and a bottom. The rise of Lhundaer is good time for followers of Air. The fuller Lhundaer, the more powerful Air spells. Rise of Infernus means the rise of Fire. It's cycle being 83 days means that there's a considerable time of bad weather for followers of Fire. However its not so bad because the Sun (daytime) and weather affects Fire as well. Rise of Aqueous augments the power of Water. While 119 days makes it very seasonal, weather affects elemental Water as well on a more frequent basis. Rise of Sorcerus means business time for all spellcasters. This period lasts for a long time, 179 days. Once it declines, fighters are in power. Chto is still more of a mystery to us. However we know it emanates Antimagic which hinders spellcasting. Name Chto is spelled out with a magic rune which has two meanings. The rune may mean either Antimagic... or Anti-life