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Reporting is a way to make ideas you have or errors you find in the game known to the wizards so they can investigate them and act as necessary. To report, you use one of 4 commands made especially for that purpose, depending on the nature of your report. The commands will place you in an editor where you can type your report. To end your report and exit the editor type a point . in the beginning of an empty line.

Whenever you send us a report, your name, location and the time will AUTOMATICALLY be included for us to see. Also, when you send the report, it will be echoed onto the screen of every wizard in the game. So don't ask immediately afterwards "Did you see my report?". We did. The administrators read ALL reports.

The idea with reporting things this way is that wizards can read and act when they have the time. Wizards, especially arches and higher, are often very busy. Just because you say something on a channel, it doesn't mean that they see it. Especially bugs should ALWAYS be reported with the appropriate commands unless you are specifically told by a wizard not to do so.

The 3 different commands for reporting are:


Use this to report anything that is an actual error in the game. You might get an error message from doing something, or something might not work they way it should, or something else. Bugs come in many different guises. You are OBLIGED to use this command to report any error you find, and failure to do so can lead to punishment if the bug is big or abuseable. If you don't know whether something is a bug or not, and there is no wizard who can tell you, report it anyway. We rather have reports about things that aren't bugs than no reports about things that are.

NOTE: if your report concerns a specific object in the room where you are, you can type 'bug create <object>', eg 'bug create orc' to start the report. This will include the filename of that object into your report, making it easier for us to find.


This is for reports about misspelling or bad grammar anywhere in the mud (usually room descriptions).


For praising an immortal (or all) for some feature you find especially delightful. Don't hesitate to use it if you think something is well done; praise from mortals can cheer up the grumpy old wizards' days considerably.

Remember: do not hesitate to report something if you think it should be reported. Especially bugs, which you are obliged to report. If you think something is wrong, don't just talk about it on a channel or to your friends, report it so that the wizards see. This also goes if you think the game in unbalanced in any way or aspect.

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