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Triggers in Icesus

Triggers are done with a client, TinyFugue or ZMud for example.

You are not allowed to use triggers which use commands that other players can see with the exceptions listed below. You are not allowed to have trigger which loots the corpse after it dies. (This is very easy to do with aliases, btw)

You CAN HAVE triggers for

  • highlighting things like critical hits/spell success
  • repeat skills/spells while in combat when they go off/fail
  • repeat crafting skills/spells
  • party placement/reporting
  • object handling in YOUR inventory (bags/sacks)

Following can be repeated even while not in combat: Preaching, flagellation and vicissitude.

Everything else is strictly forbidden.

Note that your triggers may not run _ANY_ commands while you are not controlling them. Also running any actions triggered by someone else saying or doing something is absolutely illegal.

To make this clear for everyone, using triggers to re-use fishing hunting, etc. and combat momentums is strictly forbidden.

We're sorry that we have this strict policy, but 95% of the players can't code their triggers well enough to do more good than bad.

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