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The planet Aegic, of which Icesus is situated upon, was born from five elemental forces: Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Magic. During a cataclysmic event the god of Magic was annihilated by the goddess of Fire, Zrammas, sundering the elemental energies of Magic across the valley of Icesus. Without a god to hear their prayers, the followers of Magic have dwindled through the ages and the worship of Magic died. Nevertheless, these elements comprise the essence of everything though most creatures are usually attuned to a single element and gain additional benefits when that element is in power.


The worship of the four remaining elements are still strong and followers can regularly be seen traveling to one of the altars of their god to sacrifice worthy items in exchange for Divine Favours, a sign of their god's benevolence. Some zealous followers make pilgrimages to the main shrine of their deity. Such devotion blesses the worshipper with increased healing rates if time is spent in the shrine's main altar room.

Tip: Sacrifice items for Divine Favors. You can use them to get blessings from your god.

Over the years, devout followers organized priesthoods to spread their beliefs. Such devotion granted abilities to commune the strength of their god using skill, spell, and prayer such as the mending of grievous wounds by the priests of air. The priesthoods themselves are bound to a patron city where they have established a main guild:


To become a follower, travel to the altar dedicated to the desired element and type worship. This choice is binding until a reincarnation, see help reincarnation for more details. Divine Favours may be gained through the sacrifice of worthy items or the hearts of slain victims.

Tip: Become a worshipper - To worship an elemental god find an appropriate altar and type worship

Map of shrines around Vaerlon

The elemental shrines around Vaerlon:

  1. Vaerlon
  2. Water Shrine
  3. Earth Shrine
  4. Fire Shrine
  5. Air Shrine


Certain blessings may be gained by expending Divine Favours, granting a follower improvements of body and skill beyond their current ability in the form of minor, normal, and major blessings (each type costs subsequently more Divine Favour). These blessings may be gained within the Temple of Elements in the City of Vaerlon, make sure to read the sign for instructions.

Tip: There are four types of blessings:

  • Minor
  • Normal
  • Major
  • Constant, can be gained with Permanent Divine Favor only.

More information can be obtained by reading the following help files in game:

help blessing
help divine favor
help elements
help element costs


The strength of each element waxes and wanes, following a set pattern of five phases:

magic » fire » earth » water » air

The length of each phase is identical to the orbit of Aythzilla, one of the Icesusian moons. (23 game days). Followers of the element in power gain additional Divine Favour from sacrifices, random beneficial effects, and improvements in their abilities if their chosen guild is sensitive to the elemental fluctuations.