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Walking near the beach.


  • Extensive experience-based guilds. Each guild has sub-guilds which teach the player unique skills.
  • Fully developed party system: Parties can have up to nine players with their pets.
  • Reputation: Players have reputation based on the actions they have done in the game. Good reputation in one place is not always favourable to a character in some other place.

Game world

  • The game world contains a huge two-million-room map with over 20 000 unique rooms in cities and quests and five additional planets you can explore in a Kerbal Space Program fashion by becoming a navigator.
  • Biomes: Hundreds of different wilderness mobs, with certain kinds of animals living in certain areas.
  • Hunting and fishing: Players can hunt and fish in the outworld. You'll find our hunting and fishing modelling to be most detailed and complete out there.
  • Economics: Players can participate in game world economics by becoming traders or resource providers. It's possible for a player to craft various things with skills like leathercrafting and dragonscale crafting, build cabins and other things out of wood, or even collect herbs and produce magical potions for the markets.


  • No cheaters: Icesus' policy forbids cheating and abusing the system.
  • In-game channel system and hundreds of emotes and adverbs
  • Colours, aliases and nicknames all customizable by user
  • Sound effects are available.



All this information is now old as we are having the server located in an another location now. For logging some history of the game this help was left here.

Icesus is now running on icesus.org (also aliased as icesus.jyu.fi), owned by Jää ry.

It used to be connected to net via University of Jyväskylä's network connection.

Old setup was:

  • Running Debian/GNU Linux (2.4) with the latest stable kernel.
  • Dual AMD Athlon XP1800+ 1533Mhz (3060.53 BogoMIPS)
  • CPU's cooled by Thermalright SK6 + Delta fan
  • Tyan Tiger MP Motherboard
  • 1024MB EEC DDR Memory
  • Mylex Acceleraid 170 RAID controller with 64MB ECC-cache
  • 1x 36.6GB & 2x 18.9GB IBM SCSI hard disks (10 000RPM)
  • 3COM 10/100 network card
  • S3 based 2Mb PCI video card
  • Aopen fulltower case
  • 550W Enermax power supply
  • Lots of coolers (6)
  • Keytronic Keyboard
  • Powerware 5115 1000VA UPS to keep us powered

(naga.)icesus.org is owned by Jää ry and completely dedicated to running the game and web pages. We would like to thank all the players for supporting Jää ry and making this possible.

And finally, thanks to the University of Jyväskylä which gave us the internet access.


2019-08-26: Icesus playerbase is still quite nice for a MUD.
  • Running on native 64-bit MUD driver FluffOS v2.28.2 + Icelib 1.0 mud library.
  • Professional backup procedures and stability - accidents will not wipe away your achievements.
  • The library development started in 1995. It is vast and soon 25 years of age.