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The guilds determine the profession of the character. They are divided into main guilds and subguilds. A player can only have one main guild, but the number of subguilds is not limited. In addition to these two guild types high level players may also have up to two secondary guilds that allow them to learn skills and spells of an another mainguild to a certain level.

In our guildsystem, one uses money for training skills and studying spells with experience, and only experience for advancing guild levels.

Here are the currently available main guilds of Icesus.

Guild name Description Location Recommended for
Army of Vaerlon The militia is the primary defense of the City of Vaerlon. It is easy to find and thus attracts many of the newcomers to arrive the city. The training itself offers good skills for weapon and armour use. West side of the City of Vaerlon Everyone interested in learning melee tactics
Conclave of sorcerers Secret society of some of the most powerful magic users in the valley. They are very secretive about their craft and location of their stronghold. The entrance is rumored to be somewhere in the southeastern part of the valley. The exact location of their stronghold is known only to the most senior members of the guild. Any race but Ciloss can join, but only dark elves, chitines, derroes, trolls, reeds, orcs, mold men can master the craft. The less experienced members of these races should possess lots of patience if willing to join the guild.
Coven of the derelict Coven of the Derelict is a band of vagabond magic-users which are rumored to posses several different ways of doing magic. Their crafts are quite secretive and only a few know what they actually are able to do. The rumors tell of powerful warlocks that cause great havoc around them and force others to follow their lead. But how much is true in this remains unknown. In the middle of a swamp north from Vaerlon. Everyone interested in bringing death and destruction or is otherwise feeling a bit bored.
Gaesati shapeshifters Mysterious guild of humans with the ability of taking animal form. In the woods, west of Atherton Players level 15+
Infecti Tyros Infecti psionicists are a small group of mad men who are rumored to hold an unbelievable power of mindcraft. In a mansion, which used to be an old mental asylum, north of Astug's fishing hut. Players level 15+
Initiates of shadowdancers Shadowdancers are a secret society of assassins. Graemor 1M+ of experience required. A good night vision is a plus.
Initiates of temperance The brotherhood consists of meditating monks who master the art of melee. They wield no weapons and are the true masters of martial arts. Far away, near a mountainside in the center of the Valley Levels 20+ with a tranquil playing style
Mages of Valkor Mages are remains of a once-active priesthood of Magic. Since the death of their god they have harnessed the power of remaining magic into offensive use. Near the market square in Vaerlon Every promising magic user
Priests of air Air priests are adept in using the power of Pthuule to heal and help others. They are often welcomed companions in adventuring parties. Temple of Air, City of Vaerlon Every worshiper of Air
Priests of earth Earth priests are fervent followers of their deity, Dhubr. They are known to possess power over the living and the dead. Temple of Earth, City of Graemor Worshipers of Earth. 1M+ of experience required but having more is recommended.
Priests of fire Priests of fire are fairly controversial in the eyes of common people and other faiths. Many consider them to be utter madmen who like to burn and destroy everything. Non-believers view fire as an instrument of destruction, a tool to eradicate the living, things and cities leaving nothing but a smoldering ashen wasteland in the wake of it. The Grand cathedral of Fire is located in the southeast part of the city of Atherton. Worshipers of Fire
Priests of water Water priests are devout followers of the god of Water, Albila. They are specialized in stabilizing the ravaging wild magic in the world by channeling the elemental energies. They also study ways to defend themself and others with both magic and steel. Grand temple of Water in Cenedoiss Every worshiper of Water. 1M+ of experience required but having more is recommended.
Ranger candidates of the elements Rangers are woodsmen and hunters, possessing nature-related spells and adequate melee skills. They also make excellent archers. In the woods, south of the City of Vaerlon Players level 10+
Scions of the cursed blood The guild is about half-blooded dhamphirs who use their innate blood abilities on combat for various purposes. There are three branches in the guild; Ilyuktyev bloodline which uses their natural weapons in combat similarly to gaesati or monks meaning they will not need any weapon. They also employ variety of magical diseases to lay waste on their enemies. Swaizzone bloodline on the other hand is all about swordsmanship and becoming the greatest swordsman in existence. They can use their weapon two-handed or one-handed which ever you choose to be better for yourself.Brelasean bloodline is the caster branch of the dhamphir guild. Think of them as dark sages, dabblers in forbidden magicks, pursuers of eldritch grimoires etc. All of these ways have their own benefits. There is a dark servant near the entrance of the Old Graemor which can guide you forward. Recommended for players over level 40
Templars Templars are holy knights fighting against chaos. They posses unique abilities to cast spells of any element. They uphold law and justice in Vaerlon. Temple of All Elements, City of Vaerlon Holy defenders of Vaerlon city.
Wilders of Aegic The Wilders of Aegic are wild brutes who crawled into the valley of Aegic from the surrounding frozen wastes. Now after surviving for generations in the wastes they are faced with new challenge of finding a new home in a valley filled with races hostile to new outsiders coming to their lands. Outside the southern city gates of Vaerlon Everyone feeling a bit wild inside.

General information

|                    Available commands in guild                         |
|   Join:          Allows you to become a member of this guild.          |
|    as profession Allows you to join this guild with profession levels. |
|   Advance:       Allows you to advance a level in this guild.          |
|    as profession Allows you to advance a level with profession levels. |
|   List: skills   Will give a list of skills you can train in the guild,|
|                  showing your actual % in the skill, the cost to train |
|                  it higher and the maximum you can reach in it.        |
|         spells   Same than list skills for spells.                     |
|         info     Will give you information about what you did gain from|
|                  the guild, and what you need to progress further.     |
|         cost     Will give you the experience costs for guild levels.  |
|   Train          Allow you to raise a skill of 1%.                     |
|              to: train/study [spell|skill] to: x                       |
|                  trains a skill/spell to x%                            |
|              to: max                                                   |
|            next: train/study [spell|skill] next: x                     |
|                  trains a skill/spell the next x%                      |
|     requirements trains and studies skills and spells needed to        |
|                  advance to next level.                                |
|   Study          Same as train, but for spells.                        |
|   Cost           Returns cost of next level.                           |
|   Lead           Attempt to lead the guild, if possible.               |

Training / Studying

When you join a guild, you may not have all the skills/spells available for training/studying on the first level, instead you will be able to train/study them later when you advance levels. There will also be limits, like you can only train melee to 15% on the first level, to 25% on second etc.

Advancing levels

To advance a level in the guild you have to have enough experience to advance. The amount of experience needed to advance is depending on how many guild levels you have already! (see 'guilds').

You also need four (4) advancement points to advance a guild level, so it is very important to find good balance between experience and guild levels.

You may also take levels in certain guilds (usually non-combat oriented) with profession levels if you have any free available. These levels will not take experience or advancement points at all but you will not also get stat bonuses from those levels in which you advance or join as profession. You may choose which level you take as profession levels and which not.

Affiliated stats in Skills / Spells

When you train a skill or spell, a portion of the experience and money is stored in a counter for each stat, depending on the skill. When you reinc, this stored exp/money is converted into free exp/money available for skill/spell training. When checking the cost for training, a portion of the cost is paid from these free exp/money counters, again depending on the primary/etc stats of the skill. Check 'guilds' command to see the counters. For example: if you choose to train melee skill, which affiliated stats are: Primary: dexterity, Secondary: strength, Tertiary: constitution most of the experience/money goes to dexterity (primary) pool, quite a bunch of it goes to strength (secondary) and some of it goes to constitution (tertiary). The rest of the experience/money is divided between the other three stats. See 'help skill <skill>' and 'help spell <spell>' to see the affiliated stats of certain skills or spells. And again, use 'guilds' to see the counters.

Remember that your statcosts and reputation also affects the training cost.

John the Newbie (a fictional example)

John goes to the adventurer's guild to advance 5 advancement points. Next John advances in his guild and loses 4 advancement points.

John checks for the requirements for guild level 3 and notices that skill melee is needed to 10%. He decides to train melee to 10%.

Now he's ready to advance. But oh no! He has only one advancement point. Luckily John is a wise newbie, he goes and makes a little experience and advances 3 advancement points. Now John is ready to advance to guild level 3.