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The Icesus rulebook contains the official set of rules that must be followed to ensure mutually enjoyable gameplay (for both administration and players alike).

General Rules at Icesus

This chapter describes general rules. You will find a more detailed list of rules from the bottom of this page.

  • Admins are always right.
  • Using multiple characters is illegal. See multiplaying.
  • Not using bug and typo commands when necessary is illegal
  • Not reporting the people who break these rules to administrators makes you as guilty as they are
  • Doing or using Icesus for things which violate Finnish law is illegal
  • Admins are not responsible for your actions or the actions of other players
  • Abusing bugs, using triggers or robots and harming Icesus in any way is illegal
  • You have no privacy
  • Not knowing a rule is no excuse for breaking it
  • Selling characters, equipment or any in-game benefits for real-life money or goods is not allowed.
  • An admin can at any time remove your character permanently from the game, with no questions asked
  • Also read: multiplaying, robots, privacy policy, player killing and triggers.
  • And finally never forget that the Admins are much brighter people than you. They aren't Admins for fun. They have greater experience and immense power to change the law. Do not ever compromise an Admin, that only leads to total destruction of your character.

If you continue breaking the rules, the duration of banishment will increase severely, ultimately leading to the removal of your character.

Also some elements of the game are declared illegal, to maintain trust among players:

  • It's illegal to extort other players. If someone tries to extort you, contact an admin immediately.
  • Stealing monster kills is illegal. If your monster kill is stolen contact an admin immediately. Everything can be checked from the logs.
  • It is illegal to harass other players continuously, by spamming or other means.

Jää organization provides no guarantee of service quality, and you agree not to hold Jää organization responsible for any incidental damages caused by Icesus.

signed, Jää Ry Administration

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